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General announcements

Meet Thursday

For our meet tomorrow June3rd.

AWAY at Parkrose HS

Heat Sheet (pdf)
Entries By Name (pdf)

  • WU starts 4:05pm, but our bus will likely not get there until 4:20pm or so (since we don’t leave the school until 3:45pm). but we will still have plenty of time for our WU routine.
  • Meet Start: 5pm (and not 5:30pm)
  • There will be 4 teams there: Putnam, Parkrose, Wilsonville and La Salle.
  • We are requested to bring up to 4 timers from our team that then can be inside as spectator/timers. I have 2 to possibly 3 already. First come first server as far as requesting to volunteer.
  • Absolutely make sure I know if you cannot attend Any specific meet, as early in advance as you know. The Meets page here has the full schedule as we have it. Email me or text me directly 5038915981.
  • We May be doing event cards, first time in years. If so we’ll be filling those out on the Bus en-route to the meet.
  • Bus Return is still prob. closer to an 8pm departure from Parkrose with 4 teams being there.

General Meets Update:
– Meet Results from the first two meets are still being worked on. I’ll post them here when they are done.
– Our Sat June 19 meet is being changed to Friday June 18th. Meet time TBD as there are two sets of meet that will happen that day. So I don’t know yet if we are slated for the first or second time slot.

NEWS Updates

Wed May 19

Yes Practice this evening. Pool pipes fixed from yesterday. Pool temp Might be too low though as yet.. So potentially Dryland again as we did yesterday evening, on deck.

Needed: Timers for Friday’s meet. 12 Timers at any given time. Timers get to be inside, all spectators otherwise will be outside. For spectators, the facility has those plastic white chairs for outside, though you may bring your own chairs too.

Meet Schedule added

First Meet:
May 21, Friday – @ Putnam 4pm, hosting for Hillsboro and Milwaukie – home NCAP pool
There will be no buses available for this first home meet. So work out rides to get you there and back.
Warmups – 4pm
Meet Starts 4:30pm
Spectators outside (along the long side window). Facilitie’s chairs available. Bring your own too just in case.
Timers needed – You get to be inside.
Starter needed. – You get to be inside.

See Meets page for rest of schedule as it is so far.