Stroke Tech

Adam Peaty – stroke breakdown
100 LCM – World Record / Rio 2016 – 57.13
 – Watch the extremely fast upper body attack into his line.  This fast attack enables his pace cycle (full hands/breathe/kick cycle) to be noticeably faster than most anyone else.
Kick: narrow and delayed.
— Note his kick is very narrow. The narrowness allows for a quicker snap too in his kick. The narrowness, along with quickness of the entire kick cycle (from start of the recoil to back to the line), offers the streamline advantage of reducing the amount of time the out-of-streamline drag occurs.
Kick Timing: The initiation of the kick cycle, beginning with the recoil of the heels.. doesn’t start until the moment he initiates the forward lunge part of his arm cycle.
— elbows do not move any farther back than his shoulders. His hands are always forward of his elbows.
VIDEO –  has closeup and some underwater
VIDEO – a loop of his full pace cycle with simltaneous slow motion and full speed

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