Meet this Friday

May 28, 2021 – HOME Meet – vs La Salle.
WU 4pm
Meet Start 4:30pm
Meet should be over before 6:30pm.
Bus from school to pool one-way available for those that would like to use that option. Bus leaves 3pm from in front of the gym. So be sure to have your own ride home for after the meet.
Early Release is 2:45pm… Swimmers inform your teachers ahead of time as it is self-dismissing early from that last class.
Volunteers: We will be in need of at least 4 timers for this meet. Help with scoring would be awesome. Any of these volunteer positions gets you inside the building to be able to watch as well.
Spectators will be outside (like last Friday), except if you are helping volunteer.
PS: I have to know in advance (well in advance if at all possible) if a swimmer can not make any particular meet. Meets generally take Hours, plural, to set up. One person who is a no-show can adversely effect a domino of change for the line-up.