Sun, Jan 15

*Practice Cancelled Mon Jan 16. (I just got notice School District cancelled All school activities for Mon.)
However, NCAP pool is OPEN, so Please try to get there on your own. A few have been already, yay! Let me know when you do get in on your own, as I will give you 1 full credit for every 45min you get in the water. That will seriously help!

Meet Tues and Thurs this week!
Tues, AWAY vs Parkrose.
I do not know if we will have a bus! So, we need to plan as if we will not have a bus.
Your team captains will be texting you on whether you can drive, or need a ride. Please respond back your team captains so that we can work out rides in advance!
If we Do get a bus, yay! Then I’ll let you know via your Captains and we will go that route.
I am still awaiting to hear from the athletic office on the Bus as yet.
Warmups 3:30pm
Meet Start 4pm.
Meet End 7:30-8p?

Thurs, AWAY vs St Helens.
Early Release, Bus and all that TBA when I get that info from athletics office.

Added back the “School Records” page, and slightly fancied up it’s look for Records and Top 12.