Thur Feb 9 – 2017

2017 District Prelims:
Event Timeline (pdf) ((link fixed))
Psych Sheet! (pdf) ((link fixed))
They made the Heat Sheet available via the Meet Mobile phone App for $1.99 as an FYI. Could be handy in place of purchasing the paper heat sheets there. The App itself is free, and will have the Psych Sheet built-in without needing to pay anything though. To find the meet, just do a “Local Meet Search” and you’ll see our NWOC Championships in there in the short list that will come up.
Also, just found out the scoreboard up on the wall isn’t communicating yet with their new timer system, so, Meet Mobile will be the only way you’ll be able to see Live results/times as they occur.

  • Practice tonight (Thurs) will only go to approx 8:45pm (you need sleep!)
  • We still need Chaperone volunteers for hanging with the swimmers in the gym (1 minimum each day, would like to have two so can trade off)
  • Swimmers, txt your Team Captain when your feet hit the floor, so we know you are up and going
  • Meet at school 6:30am
  • Bus Departs 6:40am
  • Warmups 7:15am-9:30am
  • Meet Starts 10am
  • Meet Ends approx ~3pm
  • Bus Returns ~3:40pm