Post Season 2019-2020

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  • Team Awards Dinner – CANCELLED for tonight March 12th/Postponed due to the school districts new restrictions on “large” group gatherings that took effect starting March 12 until who knows when. The District isn’t defining a specific number for “large”, like Gov. Kate Brown’s edict on 250+ gathering moratorium for the entire State. But our collective group at probably 90+ for our team with families etc, in a confined space with not 3 feet or more of distance from each other, and ingesting food all together, probably not a good idea in accordance to the gist of what the mandate is trying to accomplish. So we need to just do our part as well :/ Maybe we can reschedule though later if things mellow out in a month too.
  • Team Pics: I’ve finished burning the 2-DVD sets of the season pics for those that ordered them ($5), and I’ll get them to the school in the next few days. Or you can drop by the NCAP pool on Cascadia practice times we have there and I can get it to you then (potentially Mon and Wed next week 7:30p-9p). It’s almost 8GB of pics so it’s not a size I’ll be posting online for download, just to be sure. The Team Pic by itself I’ll post a printable size on here for you though for those that would like that (no fee for that, just your home ink cost or Costco prints etc).