Day 1 – Season 2018-2019

Monday, Nov 12 = Day 1 in the water!
Be ready to swim with suit and goggles and practice cap for long hair people. (doesn’t need to be the team suit for practices. Team suit for meets though can be ordered top left here of the front page of the team website.) I’ll be able to distribute team caps for new swimmers that have all clearances done.
Bring a water bottle.

Season Practice Schedule:
Mon-Thur 7:30p-9:30p
Fri 4:15p-6p (bus from school leaves 3:25p)
No practice Thanksgiving day. I’ll get back to you on that Friday. But YES, Mandatory practice Mon-Wed on Thanksgiving week! It all counts! 1st meet in 1 month! (on Tues Dec 11)

If you Don’t have your Clearance on Day 1, make sure you show up anyways to get a partial credit for attendance. You’ll want to be there for information, and especially first-year swimmers, to listen in on stroke technique, super important!!

I’ll be there a bit early this evening (7pm’ish) so I can start checking off clearance stuff too for those that can get there as well.