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Districts 2021

When: Friday June 25th
Where: Parkrose HS
WU: 1pm – 2:15pm
Meet Start: 2:30pm
Meet End: 4:36pm
Psych Sheet
Heat Sheet
Session Event Timing Report (when each event is swimming on the timeline)

Volunteer Timers Needed.
(Gets you inside to be able to “watch”). Let me know ASAP. Otherwise no spectators. This way we are able to have all the swimmers be INDOORS instead of being stationed outside in 95 degree weather! (again, confirmed that swimmers will be INDOORS as of today)
It’s a get-your-own-ride to the meet! (no Bus) Let me know if you need a ride so we can work out ride sharing between the swimmers. We have 5 swimmers total.

For NWOC Coaches

For those Coaches that may have their spam filters on, and do not have my email address in your Contacts, you may not see emails with zip files. As such you may not have gotten the Districts Event file and information:

Here it is – NWOC Districts 2021 -> Team Manager Events File <-