Meet Schedule added

First Meet:
May 21, Friday – @ Putnam 4pm, hosting for Hillsboro and Milwaukie – home NCAP pool
There will be no buses available for this first home meet. So work out rides to get you there and back.

See Meets page for rest of schedule as it is so far.

News updates

updated May 12, 4:45pm

New items to Read:
NC Schools – Safety Guidance – Swimming

Reminder: Waiver
(that is, if you did not already print/sign/turn this in at our preseason couple of practices. Everyone needs to do this once for your first time participating this year.)

No official Meet Schedule yet for the season, However, there are meets scheduled at our NCAP facility for Friday, May 21st (next Friday following this). I do Not know yet if we are one of the teams scheduled for that first meet. I’ll update as soon as I find out. If we are not one of the teams, then we will not be having practice that particular day.

– Guidelines for our county Updated = our pool is opening back up officially.
– That means we are on target for Official Swim Season First Day Thursday May 13. – Meet at 7:30pm outside at that left side back entrance.

Clearances must be Approved (start by being Registered on the online FamilyID website. ). There are no exceptions to having all parts of the Clearance completed in order to be Approved. The bonus is there is Zero user fee for the sport participation this year. If you are not Approved, then you can’t get in the water yet. So do this ASAP ASAP!

Our regular season schedule:
Monday through Friday 8:15pm – 9:15pm water time.
We’ll meet at the pool same place as our 2 days of preseason.. at the side door (left of building when facing it from the main parking lot) down near the starting blocks.

!Pre-Season 2021!

[UPDATE NEWS: Thur April 29 2021] (3:46pm last updated)
* We are a GO for a “pre-season”, which is IN-WATER!

Tonight Thursday April 29, meet at the pool around 8pm for our 8:15pm in-water start.

* [This evening’s Thursday April 29 practice at NCAP will be the last preseason at this time…. due to the upcoming county restrictions starting Friday, imposed by the new covid-19 “guidelines”. The “compliance to guidelines” will be reviewed every week for our county, so this will be a week-to-week wait and see holding pattern until we can get back in the water. So keep checking back here and I will post any updates. ]

-> FamilyID registration <- (as well as an Approved status within it ) Must be completed prior to participation in Preseason (as well as the main Official season), no Exceptions, When filling it out, be sure to select WINTER sport for our swim season, as that’s our normal-times season slot, and that part of the FamilyID registration hasn’t been updated to reflect this year’s re-arranged season dates). There is No User Fee for Rex Putnam sports participation this year, so no need to worry about payments. Just make sure all the other parts of your Clearance can be checked off (Sports Physical, grades, etc..). When you are All-Cleared, I will be able to see that in my coach version of FamilyID. Once you complete the online portion, it may take at least a day to get it to Approved status (unless maybe you filled it out in the morning and Athletics was able to get to yours that day, but since they are working from home too, they might get to it that day even later too). There are no physical yellow Clearance slips to bring in this year, so the Online version is all I am given to go on, and I am instructed to use that. In the past, the school allowed preseason attendance before all parts of the Clearance was completed… This year, All parts of the Clearance has to be completed, even for Preseason. Although there is no User Fee this year, you still need to purchase your own swim suits, goggles, caps etc..

-> Waiver – pdf <-
Before participating, you will need to download and sign the Waiver for Covid-19. You may then bring this to the pool the first time you are participating, or you may scan your signed version and email it to me too if you prefer.
Coach Dave –

-> NCAP Facility ReOpening Plan – pdf <-
Please read this document prior to coming in as well. It will give you some familiarity with new procedures and requirements that will be effective and that we need to follow both individually and as a group, to be allowed to be there and participate with our swim team.

Tues, April 27 will be our First meeting and In-water session. I want to plan for us to meet there by 7:30pm (at least the first time for Apr 27). Then I can talk and get us oriented and going for in-water 8:15pm-9:15pm ( the 8:15pm-9:15pm will be our in-water time for the next 2 weeks of Tues and Thurs evenings for this Pre-season stage). Bring your signed Waiver from above (unless you emailed it to me).

WHERE: North Clackamas Aquatic Park by the SIDE pool-direct entrance (down close to the starting blocks side) to the LEFT of the building (and door that is farther down towards the back).
If you can come with your swim suit already on, great! We will have limited use of locker rooms, and preferred not if at all possible. (e.g. you will take your showers at home for after practices. The weather is warm(er) now so not frigid winter cold outside like our normal season, just to note.

WHO – You! Swimmers! (and your swim suit, goggles, etc).
Only swimmers, coaches, monitors, staff will be allowed inside and on deck to note.
We also MUST have at least one Adult present (e.g – a parent) that can be the designated Physical Distance Monitor (for during practice time) and Health Checker (temperature check and health-questions-asker) for the at the beginning of each practice. (that person will need to be there early each practice to start the process of checking people in).

For Swimmers Intent to Swim: EMAIL ME to let me know of your intent!
(whether it’s only the Main season, and/or the pre-season that starts next week) ASAP ASAP. (AND if you have a parent that can volunteer, and especially for these first practices). The facility needs hard numbers as we do have some restrictions as to our team numbers that can be present in the facility at any given time. I also need to send in a name of our Health and Monitor person(s) too, So, ASAP ASAP, email me with your Full name First and Last at:
Coach Dave – (I will be changing my coach email at some point in the near future to a school-email that I can then use for swim team related correspondence more exclusively).
I do see 11 so far signed up officially on the FamilyID as of this moment, and know of more that hasn’t gotten to the FamilyID website yet, so get to it!

New Swimmers to Rex Putnam Swimming:
In the email above, let me know at least briefly, what kind of experience you have in the water. (e.g. Have you been on a Rec Team before? or maybe only did swim lessons when you were young and only know dog paddle, etc… Don’t worry, on average, I’ll be curing you of dog paddle in the first 5 minutes 🙂 I don’t care about your form at this stage of entrance requirement, only that you Must be able to at least swim one length of the pool without needing to touch the bottom or the side. That’s my main requirement. After that, as far as form/style/technique, that’s my job, I’ll get you there!

Pricing – For Season Swim Fees, talk to the school athletic department about payment information. I don’t have that knowledge yet myself. When I do I’ll post that info here too.

For Online School Sports Registration ->
HS Sports Physical Form (PDF for your Dr visit)
Other general information at the Rex Putnam Athletics website here

So, if you are interested in doing the Main swim season this year, make sure you take care of your school athletic qualifications asap! (i.e. Athletic Waiver, Passing Grades, Health and Consent and Waiver stuff, Athletic Sports Physical from a Dr (they last two years each time you do one, so many of you may be expired). Get a hold of Sandi at the HS athletic department (and me at the email above) and let her know of intent, and ASAP start the FamilyID registration linked above and fill out all that.

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