News- Friday evening – Feb 9, after District Prelims

Friday – Districts Prelims Results

Congratulations to the following swimmers, who will need to show up for Warmups on Sat by 10:45am:
Megan (2 relays, 200 Free, 500 Free)
Olivia Hill (Medley Relay, 100 Br)
Grace (4 events)
Haylie (4 events)
Olivia Wait (Medley relay alternate)
Christian (4 events)
Trygve (4 events)
Colton (4 events)
Michael (4 events)
Anna (400 A Relay, alt-alt : 200, 500 Free alternate at #15)
Athena (officially keeping the tradition of FIRST YEAR swimmers making Districts finals top 12 🙂 – 100 Free, 200 IM, 400 Free Relay A
Catelynn – ( 50 Free,  200 & 400 Free Relays)
Hayden (400 Free A, 500 Free, 1st alt 50 Free)
Jennifer (400 Free A Relay, 2nd alt 100 Free)
Jackson ( (400 Free A Relay, alt-alt 100 Free)
Lexee (500 Free, and helping Athena out with the above tradition)
Alex (alt-alt 15th 500 Free, alt-alt 16th 100 Back not 17th)
Lauren (100 Br)
Eddie (400 Free A Relay, alt-alt 500 Free)
Jackson (400 Free A Relay, tradition helper #3)
Clara – (only if well enough – 400 Free Relay A)
((Simon would have been #12 100 Back :/   Bummer Simon!))

All others, be at pool before 1pm (12:45 is good).. 1pm is when the meet officially Starts.
Senior Swim will be at the conclusion of the Final events.


Districts 2018

  • Districts 2018

    Parkrose High School, 12003 NE Shaver Street, Portland OR 97220

  • Meet INFO (docx)
  • Senior Swim Bio form (pdf)  (Seniors: download and print out, fill out. Due Friday morning at the meet)
  • TIMERS— I just found out late Wed eve. they at some point Did switch and decided to assign our team a Timing Lane this year (and never told me they made that change after-the-fact) ah well, we will do what we can on Short notice!.. So, anywhere anyone can help out Please let me know ASAP thanks!!!!
    They also assigned Sandy a lane, and Sandy has only 12 swimmers on their team (they were large in the past), so that won’t work either! If we fill out ours and people can still volunteer, I’m sure Sandy would appreciate too! And remember, timers have the best front row seats in the house 😉
    For Putnam though, we need 2 timers for each time slot. (Timers and Chaperones get in Free to note) If you can do more than one, Awesome, let me know!

    Friday Prelims TIMERS Lane 2 – Putnam
    10:00am-12 noon 1) Micki Goldstein
    2) Jaime Mcleod
    12:00noon-2:00pm 1) Rob Bender
    2:00pm-4:00pm 1)
    Saturday Finals TIMERS Lane 2 – Putnam
    1:00pm-2:00pm 1)
    2:00pm-3:00pm 1)
    3:00pm-4:00pm 1)
    4:00pm-5:00pm 1)
    *5:00pm-*6:00pm 1)
    * (I doubt meet goes this late, but just in case.. usu ends near 4-5p) 2)
  • Chaperones Assignments (hang in gym and watch stuff and keep the swimmers from bouncing off the walls) -* and if anyone could help sub chaperones for the moments when their kids swim so they can watch would be awesome! Anna and Lexee swim at the same time possibly for the 500.
    Friday Prelims 1) Jill Bender (Anna’s)
    2) Amy Mathews (Lexee’s)
    Saturday Finals
    1) Jill Henion (Catelynn’s)
  • –> Psych Sheet!!!<—
    (note: wrong time for Megan 200 Free 2:16’ish? and Lauren 100 Br 1:32.24, no worries – outside smokers! Maybe some others. I didn’t necessarily get all the last meet’s new times in there 😉
    Note the girls “A” 200 Free Relay… no pressure or anything 😉 – Based on PR splits offhand.
    The Girls Medley A Relay is not the correct time: 2:13 so should be seated 4th.
  • — ITINERARY  and Notes–
    —- Wednesday Feb 8th —-
    – Last Chance for maximum effect carbo-loading :  dinner/food-wise. (ie. foods with extra carbohydrates, e.g. pasta-type meals are great)
    —- Thursday Feb 8th —-

    – Right after school – start shaving if you are a guy— You need the extra time you newbs!
    – SHORT Practice – 7:30pm-8:35pm’ish – SMWU – a couple dives, Done go home and SLEEP – Make sure you’re rides Know it’s a short practice and you are to be picked up EARLY!
    – Finish Shaving if you haven’t
    – SET THREE DIFFERENT ALARM CLOCKS and Plug in your PHONE, Turned ON and Volume on High!!!
     —- Friday Feb 9 —-
    ** Chaperones (hang in gym with swimmer’s gear) and Timer Helpers get in FREE, but I have to have names ahead of time

    *** No shaving at the MEET at all! *** => can be immediately DQ’d for the rest of the meet, so have that done the day before Thursday
    *** No Diving at Any time except for Specified Block Sprints with Coach (and of course your race themselves)
    – 6am – swimmers text team captains “I’m Up and Going”
    – 6:35am – Meet at Putnam
    – 6:50am – Bus Departs for Parkrose HS Pool
    – 7:30am-9:30am WARMUPS – swimmers will go in groups of 9 for their 25min each group
    – 10pm MEET STARTS
    – Meet Ends – maybe 2pm’ish
    – BUS will be available to return swimmers to Putnam
    —- Saturday Feb 10 —-
    – All provide their own ride or commute with each other to Parkrose
    – All Swimmers Attend Saturday, Finalists and alternates arrive for warmups. (Plan on 1st -20th place seated swimmers, based on after Friday’s Prelims Results, just in case!!!)
    – warmups 10:30am-12:30pm
    – Meet Starts 1pm
    – finishes (usually around 5pm with the Senior Swim tributes)
    —- Sunday Feb 11 —-
    – sometime early afternoon- I get results on if we have State Qualifier Wild Card swimmers
    State Championship Qualification:
    1) automatic Qualifiers:  1st in your Event at Districts
    2) wild card qualifiers: any of the remaining 7 spots (of the 12 for each Event) after the first 5 that are reserved for the 5 Districts’ 1st place finishers.

News 2/2/2018

Friday Feb 2
 – Practice Canceled*
– Team Pictures postponed*
* There’s a swim meet during our time slot (and it will be difficult to use the Wave Pool with it being the large Clackamas HS meet), and the pool will be closing after the swim meet so we will reschedule the team photos.. Potentially the Friday After Districts (if we do not have State Qualifiers)

Please REVIEW the Request spreadsheet
Message me directly ASAP 503.891.5981 if any changes needed.
Girls Districts Request – FINAL pending swimmer review – 6:24pm
Boys Districts Request – FINAL pending swimmer review -5pm

News – 1/19

Meet  1.20.2018  – SAT  – HOME – NCAP

vs St Helens/Milwaukie

  • 4:45p Swimmers be at pool for Event Card entries
  • Warm ups 5p
  • Meet Start 5:30pm,  finish by 7pm
  • at NCAP
  • (St Helens is small this meet, like 8 swimmers Total, Milwaukie 12)
  • Volunteers Needed/Required!!! Timers, Scorekeepers, Starter
    please be prepared to volunteer, the other teams are very small this meet, so will not have many spectators to get volunteers from.. thank you!!!   (also, it’s a much shorter meet too, like 1.5 hours max this one)
  • Girls Entries
  • Boys Entries
  •  – – – – RESULTS – – – –
  • Varsity Score Sheet – Girls
  • Varsity Score Sheet – Boys
  • (I’ll get the regular results for improvements and such up for all maybe later Sunday eve’ish…)

News – Fri Jan 12

1.13.2018   – SAT  – AWAY –  vs Hillsboro, LaSalle, Parkrose

  • Parkrose High School, 12003 NE Shaver Street, Portland OR 97220
  • No Bus – Your Own Rides both ways
  • TEXT your team captain by 1pm you are on track to get there
  • Meet at Parkrose ~ by 1:30p
  • Warm-ups 1:45pm – 2:30pm
  • Meet Start – 2:45pm to ~5:45pm
  • at Parkrose
  • Entries – Boys  –final–
  • Entries – Girls  — final —
    Note – as a double-dual, this meet is worth 2x Varsity meet points.
    We are scoring vs Hillsboro (30 swimmers) and vs Parkrose (30 swmmers)

News – Sun Jan 7

  • Fri., Jan 12    ***No practice***,  NCAP hosting swim meets, and I don’t want to do a big dryland workout day before meet.
  • Saturday – AWAY Meet,  Jan 13th – at Parkrose HS pool,
    No Bus. Meet at Parkrose by 1:30pm.
    Warmups are at *1:45pm.
    Meet Starts *2:45pm.   (*times had been updated)
    We will need some volunteers (Putnam has two lanes, so at least 4 timers, and at least two scorekeepers for two simultaneous scoring meets – Putnam vs Hillsboro and Putnam vs Parkrose.)
  • Jan 5, Meet Scores:
    Wilsonville – 102
    Putnam – 68
    W: 98
    P: 70
  • Wilsonville Meet Highlights:
    All-Time Top-Twelve movers:
    Individual Performances:
    – Haylie Ouchida just broke the Rex Putnam School Record for the girls 100 Butterfly with a time of 1:06.59, and hit #5  for her 100 Breaststroke.
    – Megan Anspach hit #2  with her 500 Free, and #4 for her 50 Free.
    – Christian Rainville hit #3 for 500 Free, and #5 for the 200 Individual Medley.
    – Colton Agee PR’d for his #8 position 100 Breastroke.
    – Trygve Nordby hit #10 for his 100 Breaststroke
    – Michael Schneider hit #10 position for 100 Free
    – Girls 200 Medley Relay hit #7 (Megan Anspach, Olivia Hill, Haylie Ouchida, Catelynn Henion)
    – Boys 200 Medley Relay hit #9 (Christian Rainville, Colton Agee, Trygve Nordby, Michael Schneider), same crew hit #12 for the 200 Free Relay.
  • I’ll post the times and splits on the meets page here in a day or two

News – 1/1/2018

Happy New Year!

Practice Reminder: Yes practice as normal Jan 1, 2018 – 7:30p-9:30p
All regular practices this week Mon-Thur.
Friday, Jan 5 = HOME meet vs Wilsonvile/Milwaukie
– Meet Start Time 4pm
– Early Release 2:45pm, Bus leaves 3p
– fill out Event Cards on bus
– Warm ups – 3:30p
– Volunteers NECESSARY! This is a Home Meet
– – timers (12), scorekeepers (2), starter (1), event card runner (1)(runs the cards from timers to the scorekeeper table)

Kingsmen Swimming