Practice and other notes

General Practice Times:
Mon-Thur 7:30p-9:30p
Friday 4:30p-6pm confirmed. One-way Bus Avail from school TO the pool on Fridays only. (***this first Friday, Nov 22, we are still working on acquiring the bus rental from school-to-pool, but all the other Friday practices are good to go)
All practices you will need your own ride home.

Have your Own suit and goggles on Day 1. I will provide you with your Team cap, but recommended that you use your own practice cap if you need to use a swim cap for practices.

Reminder: Clearances must be cleared before you can set foot in the water with the team. Please bring your clearance paper with you to practice for just in case the online coach-version that I can view, has not been updated yet by the school.

Team suits may be ordered using the link upper left on this page. (Team apparel – suits). They are from (note, the link and team page likely won’t work if you use a smart phone, at least they haven’t in the past)

GOALS page is Back and now up and running. Use the link in the top menu here.

Below are some optional Apparel items for you this year!

  • -> Go to 
  • -> Enter in the login: RPswim19
  • -> Choose item & size/color, then click “add to order”
  • -> Go to cart order and checkout