Yes there is practice tonight Thursday and Friday tomorrow June 11, same time same place. One week to go!!!

Our last official dual season meet is Next week Friday June 18. (Note this date was changed 3 weeks ago, from the original schedule at the beginning of the season, that had it has Sat June 19).
Where: NCAP Home Pool
Warmups – 6:30pm
Meet Start – 7pm

There IS talk of a Possible Districts for us (at least for our NWOC District for swimming). I have a meeting with the other coaches on this next Tuesday, next week. So we’ll see! I know it may be difficult for some to be able to attend (where and when is also TBD) especially with it’s possibility being scheduled so late, and After school is officially out for this school year. So at best, it would be for those that would be able to attend, not mandatory or anything like that. Welcome to scheduling of Anything in the past 18 months 🙂 So we’ll see! I’ll let you people know as soon as I find out what it might entail.

Meet 4: Results by Event – Putnam Only , @ Hillsboro

Congratulations to senior Clara Fost, for setting a NEW SCHOOL RECORD for the Girls 100 Breast with a time of 1:22.46 at our Meet #4 in Hillsboro yesterday. Way to go Clara!